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Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Do you own your own business or have a sideline which you would like to advertise?

Getting your vehicle sign-written is great publicity - BUT, it's kind of permanent. You need to go to a wedding or funeral, but you don't want to have all these fancy advertisements, jumping out at folk at such ocassions. Or maybe you only want to advertise when you park at a car boot sale, or even when you go shopping.

Now you can.

With vehicle magnetic signs you can advertise your business whenever you want to, then, when you want your car back to normal - just take them off.

Also means it is easy to change that mobile phone number when you get a better deal, instead of the very expensive option of having the lettering removed and re-signwritten.

Prices are just .02 pence per square centemeter

Any size panel can be used, just measure it up, tell us what you want - and you can even work out how much it will cost.
ie. an A4 sheet of paper is 21cm x 29.7cm, multiply the two together and you have 623.7 sq cm x .02 = £12.47

Have a panel on your back door measuring 8cm x 18cm? Put your web address or phone number on it for just £2.88

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